Intel and Discovery Brazil partnered up to tell the story of three real people,

who improved their lives through the use of technology.


Rosângela became a blogger granny to get closer to her grandchildren,

and discovered new possibilities as she became a digital inspirer.


Check out Binho's dance moves while we discover how technology

helps this amazing guy to make a living from his art.


Through her passion for salesmanship, Amanda faced new challenges and overcame

them with the help of technology. Discover how this CEO achieved this.


Advertising Agency: dentsumcgarrybowen

Advertiser: Intel

Creative VP: Filipe Cuvero

Associate Creative Directors: Christian Faria, Murilo Torezan

RTVC Department: Juliana D’Antino e João Pedro Muniz

Managing Director: Mauro Rabello

Production Company: LLAMA.LA

Direction: Guilherme Ferreirinha e Pedro Kobuti
Stage Direction: Pedro Nishi
Script: Rodolfo Vicentin
Photography Direction: João Atala
Casting: Adriana De Almeida Gomes
Producer: Vanessa A. Holanda
Executive Production: Guilherme Ferreirinha
Sound technician: Paulo Seabra
Eletricist / Lighter: Rafael Maximo
Art Direction / Illustration: Bruno Okada, Thiago Miranda, e Christo Silveira
2D Animation: Bruno Tedesco
Animatic: Hugo Takahashi
Post Production Coordination: Guilherme Ferreirinha e Pedro Kobuti
Color Grading: Guilherme Ferreirinha
Motion Design: Wellington 'Fante' Duarte, Larissa Garcia e Augusto Galvão
VFX Compositing: Guilherme Ferreirinha
Editing: Gabriel Parmigiani e Guilherme Ferreirinha
Sound Production: Anvil FX music & sound design
Cast: Rosângela Marcondes, Binho Soul e Amanda Momente